Why partner with Ayana Journeys?

Off the beaten track destinations

We are passionate about showcasing parts of Cambodia that most visitors will never discover – whether it is off the beaten track destinations, or providing insightful tours about the country’s rich culture. We provide experiential learning journeys that appeal to curious minds of all ages. All experiences aim to genuinely connect you with the people and their stories that make this place truly the Kingdom of Wonder. We are dedicated to connecting you with fascinating and inspirational projects and initiatives, with responsible travel at the heart of everything we do.

Ayana – the meaning behind the name

Ayana comes from Pali, a sacred ancient language, and means the journey to enlightenment. We love this name, and chose it as our own, as we believe it complements our vision for our travel experiences. Ayana Journeys’ tours are carefully handcrafted to give our guests unique, insightful, and eye-opening experiences. We believe that by learning as we travel, and through responsible tourism, we can become more open-minded, and gain a greater sense of empathy towards others.

Local expertise & investment

Our team is made up of Cambodia based experts, all dedicated to providing immersive and ethical adventures. We are proud to be supported by a network of engaged community members willing to share their stories with you – from passionate individuals dedicated to conserving the rich Khmer cultural heritage, to farmers cultivating fresh delicious produce, to Buddhist monks who play a crucial role in day-to-day life for many Cambodians. It is these interactions that will give you a life-changing holiday experience. All places we visit benefit greatly from direct investment we make to those sites, communities, or organisations. In rural locations, we work with local people who can generate an alternative livelihood from tourism. We have strong HR policies that give our staff the benefits and training opportunities they deserve. Full time employees are encouraged and financially supported to pursue further education…as well as travel more!

Credibility: Ground operator

Responsible tourism specialists – In 2019 we began co-creating meaningful travel experiences with GOOD Travel.

“GOOD Travel just completed our first trip in partnership with Ayana Journeys. They are a fantastic organisation offering ethical and impactful experiences for visitors to Cambodia. We love their philosophy of of creating genuine cross-cultural connection and learning opportunities. Not only do they have a wonderfully GOOD approach to tourism, but they are also a pleasure to work with: flexible, great communicators and very patient! Our group in Cambodia loved every step of their journey and left their trip feeling inspired and grateful. We look forward to working with Ayana Journeys again soon!”
– Eliza Raymond, Co-Founder, GOOD Travel

Educational adventures for students – In 2015 Ayana began delivering all PEPY Tours educational adventures in Cambodia.

“PEPY Tours is proud to be working with the Ayana team as our ground operator in Cambodia. Members of Ayana have been working with PEPY Tours since 2009, and I was delighted when this wonderful team came together to launch Ayana Journeys. I believe in their commitment to running ethical, educational, and unique adventures and having Ayana Journeys as our implementing partner in Cambodia helps ensure that our commitment to local development programmes continues through Ayana’s responsible travel model. I look forward to continuing to work with the Ayana Journeys team long into the future.”
– Daniela Papi, PEPY Tours, Founder & Director

Credibility: Responsible tourism expertise

We have received international recognition for our ethical travel values and impact: Global Youth Travel Awards Best Social Responsibility Initiative, ChildSafe Certified, and featured in Tourism Concern’s Ethical Travel Guide.

Example – In 2016 Ayana facilitated a capacity building & consultation with the JUMP! Foundation, to enable their team to deliver ethical educational trips in Cambodia.

“Without Ayana, we would not have been prepared to facilitate learning about topics as complicated as community development, child protection, and responsible service in Cambodia. The passion of the Ayana staff was infectious and it inspired us to engage our students in questioning their position as global citizens.”
– JUMP! Foundation

Legal compliance

We are committed to following legislation and investing in the Cambodian economy. By using us as a destination based partner, you can rest assured that all necessary legal requirements are fulfilled by our compliance.

  • Registered Business: Co. 3431E/2014
  • Current annual Tourism License validity: 01/02/2019
  • Tax TIN & VAT: B116-901636308

Please note, it is illegal to operate a tour in Cambodia without a valid Tourism License and legal working status. 

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