Cambodia is having a heatwave! April 2016 has been the hottest month on record, and El Niño is causing droughts in many parts of the country.

Whilst water shortages rarely impact your holiday experience, doing your bit to reduce usage during this time makes a great positive impact on Cambodia and its communities. We thought this was a timely reminder to educate guests travelling to Cambodia, and tourism businesses alike, how to play their part in saving water.


  • Saving water is easy, so don’t throw in the towel – Follow hotel towel policies to reduce the amount of times your towels and linen are changed. Place your towel in the bathtub or leave it on the floor if you need it changing. In the meantime, if you’re happy to reuse it again, inform your hotel and keep it folded or hanging on the rail.
  • Quick showers – Following a sweaty day at the Temples a good soak in the shower is just what the doctor ordered. Refrain from taking baths, and have a quick shower instead.
  • Don’t be a drip – Update your accommodation provider if you notice any leaks in your hotel bathroom. Bum guns can often be the culprit! Leaks contribute to a huge amount of wasted water.


  • Wash on full loads – Laundry is one of the biggest sources of water use in a tourism business. Manage your load by washing when the machine is full and prevent lots of small, water guzzling, cycles.
  • Slow flow fixtures – Do your taps and showers restrict the flow each time they are used? Updating your current appliances so less water is released could be saving you a huge amount of money!
  • Gardening & dust baths – Watering your garden in the heat of the day is ineffective and inefficient. Wait until the sun has gone down to water your gardens. During times of limited water, giving your dusty streets a bath isn’t a good idea! Try sweeping excess dust from the streets instead.

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More in the news about Cambodia’s heatwave and water situation:

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