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Cross-Cambodia Spiritual Journey

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This cross-Cambodia spiritual journey will allow you to connect to Cambodia by understand the breadth of faiths and superstitions that exist. Starting in the city of Angkor you’ll explore Hindu temples, meet indigenous groups in the wild north, live with an Animist family on an island on the Mekong, meet Cambodia’s minority Muslim communities, spend time with Buddhist nuns on a hilltop, and conclude in the capital.

DAY 1 – Arrive Siem Reap

Welcome to Cambodia! Your guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation. Depending on your time of arrival, activities may vary. We’ll host a welcome dinner and give you an introduction to Cambodian culture.

DAY 2 – Introduction to Cambodia

Today you’ll be introduced to all things Khmer. You’ll explore Siem Reap’s multi-cultural community, and begin to understand how Theravada Buddhism co-exists with a variety of faiths. You’ll visit a working pagoda, meet a monk, and participate in a welcome blessing to start your journey with good wishes!

DAY 3 – Temples of Angkor

An early start to catch sunrise at the mighty Angkor temples. We’ll spend the day exploring the Angkorian temples, including famous sites such as Ta Phrom, Bayon, and of course Angkor Wat, as well as lesser visited ruins and pagodas in the forest. This site was established as Hindu place of worship, and today is Buddhism; follow Cambodia’s spiritual journey at this UNESCO site.

DAY 4 – Transfer to Ratanakiri

We’ll journey North East to the wilds of Cambodia and home of the largest population of indigenous groups in the country. The landscape here is lush and green, with forested rolling hills.

DAY 5 – Indigenous beliefs

Today we’ll learn about this region’s several indigenous groups, be introduced to their beliefs, and gain some insight into their life and challenges in Cambodia today.

DAY 6 – To the river!

We’ll head south to the riverside town of Kratie.

DAY 7 – Island homestay

Early morning we’ll cross the mighty Mekong river to a rural island where we’ll stay in an authentic village home with a host family. Here, islanders still practice Animism. During our stay, you’ll learn about Animist beliefs and its interconnectivity with nature, as well as experiences daily life in a rural Khmer village.

DAY 8 – Island homestay

You’ll continue exploring the beauty of island life through bike rides and other cultural activities available.

DAY 9 – Transfer to Kampong Cham

Once back on the mainland, we’ll journey to the colonial town of Kampong Cham. Overlooked by many tourists, this town has streets lined with pretty old buildings, but fewer visitors than other heritage towns in Cambodia.

DAY 10 – Exploring Cham culture

Kampong Cham is well known for its Cham population, a Cambodian ethnic group whose history has molded their interesting religious practices. Most Chams practice Islam, but they have routes in Hinduism.

DAY 11 – Transfer to Phnom Penh

Today we’ll travel to the capital, Phnom Penh. Once dubbed the Paris of the East, Phnom Penh suffered greatly for many years through war, but now is well and truly making a come back. You’ll have the rest of the day to explore the cities sites.

DAY 12 – Cultural activities

You’ll visit some of the most significant Buddhism temples in the country and meet the monks who call these places home. We will also visit a Khmer Rouge memorial site and contemplate Cambodia’s tragic past, and its bright future, and the role spirituality plays on that.

DAY 13 – The holy mountain of Oudong

Today we’ll take a day trip to the holy mountain of Oudong and meet a group of inspiring nuns who live on this beautiful hilltop pagoda and meditation centre, with chance to participate in Vipassana meditation.

DAY 14 – Tour concludes in Phnom Penh

This trip ends in Phnom Penh.

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“Amazing on so many levels. Spiritually, emotionally… personal development. I have learnt so much about myself and Cambodia. It’s a beautiful country, everybody should come here!” – Lyndall

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