Travindy, the sustainable travel news specialist, has just launched a series of interviews with social entrepreneurs in tourism, and we’re delighted that Ayana Journeys has been selected as the first to be published!

This is the first in our new series of interviews with social entrepreneurs working in tourism. Amy Mcloughlin is co-founder of Ayana Journeys, a small responsible travel company based in Cambodia that shares immersive, educational experiences with culturally curious travellers.

“We reject the conventional model of ‘observing’ new places and cultures, which ultimately encourages us to feel distanced from them.”

“By raising awareness of traditional beliefs, we hope to encourage local people to take pride in their culture and contribute to the conservation of these traditions”

“We believe these are powerful opportunities that encourage students to challenge the theories they have learned, by getting in the field.”

Check out our interview and read the article in full.

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