Last week we were honoured to host the camera giants, GoPro, during their stay in Cambodia. Yut, our Co-Founder and Director of Guiding, spent three days with a San Francisco based filmmaker. GoPro approached us to help facilitate connections with local people to create a short film about life in Siem Reap.

The film aims to give viewers an insight into local life here in Temple Town, with interviews with a few special characters that make this an exciting and fascinating place to live and visit. Yut took GoPro to the village he was born and where three generations of his family still live. We also connected him to our favourite local seamstress, several inspirational landmine victims leading campaigns to ban cluster bombs, and an elderly holy man at town’s oldest pagoda. Together, Yut and Ryan filmed panoramic views of the stunning Cambodian countryside, sunrise at a hilltop temple, city life, and insights into current day development. We can’t wait to see the finished video in the coming months!

Yut shares his experiences:

Sokleng, local seamstress, shows her technical skills through the eye of a lens (on her head!)

Sokleng, local seamstress, shows her technical skills through the eye of a lens (on her head!)

Local children come to check out the GoPro drone

“It was so much fun to work with the creativity of GoPro. They were very open to communicate the true story of Cambodia without focusing too much on the negative past, and enjoyed hearing people’s stories on their hopes for the future. It was very funny taking the GoPro equipment to my village. All the children came running out of their houses to watch the drone. Some people thought it was a plane and wanted to ride on top of it. I was also interviewed and enjoyed talking about the impacts of tourism on Siem Reap today.”

Check out the video here!

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