Our team are excited to reveal an exciting new collaborative project with one of the world’s largest school-based experiential travel companies, World Challenge.

In September, World Challenge announced they will no longer offer trips to orphanages in the developing world after research showed the practice was harming vulnerable children. We couldn’t be happier that international travel companies are moving in the direction of responsible volunteering and prioritising child protection in their offerings, and are honoured to be a part of World Challenge’s exciting transition.

With the support of ALTO Global Consulting, Ayana Journeys has lovingly designed half-day workshops for World Challenge teams visiting Cambodia and Vietnam in November and December 2017 (pilot phase). Over the next couple of months more than 500 ‘challengers’ will participate in these interactive workshops, led by Ayana Journeys’ experienced facilitators. On 19th November our team facilitated the first workshop on orphanage tourism for 19 students in Siem Reap. These workshops raise awareness about the harmful effects of orphanage (volun)tourism, support participants to think critically about the ways in which they travel, and explore responsible alternatives.

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To learn more about the global orphanage crisis, please visit our partner and friends at Rethink Orphanages today.

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