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Socially responsible

Become more socially responsible

Ayana Journeys is proud to share lessons learned with likeminded professionals and aspiring ethical tourism leaders. Through our consulting services we seek to encourage tourism businesses to become more socially responsible, and travellers empowered with the skills to think more critically about the ways in which they travel.

We provide consultations, advisory, and workshops to support to tourism businesses, projects, and visitors (including study groups and tours) alike in the following areas:

  • Cambodian cultural induction
  • Khmer Rouge history, trials and justice
  • responsible tourism development
  • service learning and voluntourism
  • orphanage tourism and child protection
  • education and development in Cambodia

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“Without Ayana, we would not have been prepared to facilitate learning about topics as complicated as community development, child protection, and responsible service in Cambodia. The passion of the Ayana staff was infectious and it inspired us to engage our students in questioning their position as global citizens.” – JUMP! Foundation, January 2016

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