Ayana’s mission is to contribute to a more peaceful world, and we believe that peace means justice and equality for all. Black people continue to die needlessly as a result of racism, and it must stop now. We stand with those calling for justice and working for change, and commit to educate ourselves, support the education of others, and actively work to dismantle racism in ourselves, our communities, and the global community that we are all part of.

We understand that learning about systematic racism, structural inequality, white supremacy, oppression, and colonialism can be a humbling, confronting, and even shameful process. It should be, and it must be done. We ask that you join us in devoting time and energy to researching, learning, thinking critically, practicing empathy, asking difficult questions, engaging in challenging conversations, and listening to and amplifying the voices of others. Challenging preconceptions and facing our own prejudices and privileges is difficult and uncomfortable, but vital to creating an equitable society. Again: it must be done.

We are certainly not experts, and know that the Ayana team still has a lot to learn. We share with you below a brief list of places where you can find educational resources and information on ways to support racial justice, and will continue to add to it as we further our own research. We also acknowledge and thank deeply the black educators, creators, organisations, and activists from whose suffering many of these resources are borne. Please join us in honouring and respecting their efforts, and actively working to end racism to ensure justice and peace for all.

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