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Educational tours for universities – faculty voices

“It was an absolute delight to working with Ayana Journeys. Our study tour was ambitious with a lot of potential for problems, and our facilitator handled it all flawlessly. She managed every detail (many of which I never even considered) in a professional, efficient manner, and our students loved her too! She was warm, calm, and endlessly knowledgeable, adding much more to the study tour than just managing logistics. I learned so much from her, and I have no doubt that the majority of the success of our study tour (which our students raved about) was entirely down to Ayana Journeys. I have already highly recommended Ayana Journeys to colleagues at my university who are considering going to the region”

– Dr Susan Carland, Director of Global Studies, Monash University, Australia

“Ayana Journeys have hosted our students on development-education immersion trips in Cambodia for 4 years now, and they have been a huge success! Students are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone to grow both academically and personally, and through doing this, gain a sense of achievement and direction they feel proud of. The staff and facilitators at Ayana Journeys are fantastic to work with. They are professional, experienced, knowledgeable, great communicators, and work tirelessly to support and encourage our students. ACU is looking forward to working with Ayana Journeys again, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other institutions and organisations”

– Dr Michelle Haron, Project Coordinator International Development Studies Immersion Experience Program, Australian Catholic University

Study tours for schools – faculty voices

“For the last few years my colleague Elizabeth and I have been taking (high school) students to Cambodia as part of a digital storytelling program we created. The success of international/intercultural education is reliant on the authentic collaboration with local or host communities. Here is where I share the best resource anyone in this business could ever have: Ayana Journeys. The good folks at Ayana are not only highly confident, well trained and incredibly experienced but they’re also also intelligent, funny, compassionate flexible thinkers. Working with Ayana gave my colleagues and I the freedom to step back from logistics to do deep dives with our students and truly be present with them. Additionally, the quality of the teaching staff at Ayana is exceptional and their ethics are admirable. I have endless respect for integrity of their mission.

Collaborating with Ayana Journeys is an absolute dream and, frankly should be the model for edutourism across the globe. If you are planning to be in South East Asia with students or teachers, be sure to contact Ayana. Having worked with them on four different trips, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want to go back to Cambodia without them”

– Liz Titone, Arts Educator and Coordinator of Global and Community Engagement, The Packer Collegiate Institute, USA

Educational tours for universities – student voices

“We discussed topics that actually meant something to us and, for many of us, those discussions have challenged and even changed our views on controversial issues”

– Christina Fletcher, student, University of North Florida, USA

“The educational components of this trip is what made it so special. My life is changed because of the experience I had in Cambodia”

Bella Genta, student, University of North Florida, USA

“This trip was transformative…[and has] set me up to be a better world citizen. It taught me to look at the world in a new way”

– Brooke Lawrence,student, University of North Florida, USA

Workshop facilitator

“Our organisation has been collaborating with Ayana Journeys since 2017. The team are professional, adaptable, and most significantly, bring a wealth of expertise in the fields of responsible travel and experiential education to the collaboration. We’re proud to work with them to deliver vital insights around how to travel and engage with communities responsibly to our student travellers in Cambodia, and across Asia. The teams’ ability to engage young people on complex issues in a way that makes them both understandable and exciting has been integral to the success of this programme”

– Elisabeth Tuck, Community Partnership Manager, World Challenge

“Without Ayana, we would not have been prepared to facilitate learning about topics as complicated as community development, child protection, and responsible service in Cambodia. The passion of the Ayana staff was infectious and it inspired us to engage our students in questioning their position as global citizens”

– Michou Tchana-Hyman, Impact Manager, JUMP! Foundation, Thailand

Guest speaker

“Ayana Journeys presented very insightful thoughts on contemporary issues in responsible tourism management during the talk to my undergraduate students. The professional, interactive, and enthusiastic presentation around the inspirational work that Ayana Journeys is developing in the field encouraged us to further discuss issues around overtourism, voluntourism, and authenticity. We all learned so much from this guest talk!”

– Dora Agapito, Senior Lecturer in Tourism & Event Management, University of Lincoln, UK

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