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More than just sightseeing tours in Cambodia

All our tours have an element of learning, with a philosophy that travel is as much about learning from new cultures and places, as it is about a life-long learning experience for personal development. We offer our guests more than traditional sightseeing tours.

Read what our customers say about our off the beaten track day trips and educational journeys:

Spirit of Angkor

“We all learned so much! A very different experience than what we would have had just walking around by ourselves” – Mary, June 2016

Countryside Experience

“Fabulous immersive tour! What a great day we had in the countryside! Amy designed a thoughtful trip for us with a wonderful guide. We visited a local home for an interactive cooking session, hung out with the family… pounded rice flakes (tough!), learnt palm leaf weaving, and walked through the village and a local bazaar. We learnt a lot about Cambodia, the ecology, the economy and the politics. Lovely day, and I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a break from the touristy temple stuff” – Deepa, August 2016

Sunset Foodies

“This tour was a real eye-opener. Our wonderful guides were super knowledgeable, funny and friendly. We really felt like we were spending the evening with old friends and it was the best (and most delicious) insight into the not-so-common corners of Temple Town. Absolutely 100% recommended” – Meg, May 2016

“We had a wonderful time with Yut and our tuk tuk driver. We would not change a thing!” – Lisa, February 2016

Spiritual Journeys

“I would call this trip ‘the trip of my life’ – awakening different facets of my soul, enabling me to connect with my inner self and others around me”. – Rajaa, September 2016

“Absolutely amazing on so many levels, on so many planes. Spiritually, emotionally.. personal development. I have just learnt so much about myself and Cambodia. It’s a beautiful country, everybody should come here! Everybody needs this experience, it’s just too good.” – Lyndall, September 2015

“I booked for Cambodia’s Monk for a Month pilot program, presented by Ayana Journeys and World Weavers in September 2015. I had very few expectations but I suspect that even if I had many, the trip would still have surpassed them all. It was a truly meaningful journey through Cambodia by our ‘then tour guide’, ‘now friend, Yut’. We learnt about Cambodia’s history and its present state while being immersed in Buddhist teachings and conversation. I made lifelong friends on the journey, which was really inevitable considering the type of personality that one would expect to be drawn to this kind of program. This was not a holiday, it was not glitz and glamour all the time, it was a real journey of discovery of the country, the daily lives of the Cambodian people, Buddhism and myself. At times this was a little inconvenient but I loved it!! #highlyrecommended” – Miriam, September 2015

“I enrolled in the monk for a month program on in September 2015. It was, we were informed, the pioneering trip into Cambodia, and I have to say it was quite an adventure. I do not have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to describe the experience, but that’s not going to stop me from trying. Extraordinary, captivating, educational, life changing. I was mesmerised by the raw beauty of the surrounding of the monastery we stayed at in Oudong. Overwhelmed by the openness and friendliness of our Cambodian hosts. Delighted at the amazing cuisine (I went from an ardent carnivore to card carrying vegetarian after this trip). And to top it all, I was blessed to be accompanied on this journey with so many other interesting pilgrims who I now count among my friends.” – Kobby, September 2015

Educational Journeys for Schools and Universities

“This trip was enriching in every way possible. The trip changed the way I looked at development work, it taught me how to question and analyse my surroundings, and most of all it taught me awareness, of myself, of others, and of the world” – Sara, March 2015

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